Sean Kimm- Apprentice Estate Agent


Sean was interested in becoming an Estate Agent but wasn’t sure of the best route. An apprenticeship with QA was ideal – he is currently working as an Apprentice Estate Agent and sold a house in his first week!
Doing an apprenticeship was the best option for me as it was the most trustworthy way for me to get into my chosen career. Since starting my apprenticeship this has become even clearer. I have been working as an Apprentice Estate Agent for 2 weeks now. It has already increased my confidence levels and has made me far more independent.
I have gone from selling £2 sweets at the cinema to negotiating the sale of £100k houses in just a matter of weeks! I feel like I should have been doing this a long time ago, but it was definitely worth the wait. I am more responsible and appreciated than ever before and everyone I work with is great. I feel as though I settled in straight away and I can really see a future here.
My first milestone was in the first week, I got a call from a customer who was interested in viewing a house that was for sale. I made sure to read through the description of the house and had a good look around before the viewing. After a few days of negotiation and meetings with the mortgage advisor, the sellers finally agreed on a price and I sold my first house!
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