SEAT Service Technician- Luke McKie

Posted: 15th of December 2017 by Parisha Mistry

Luke started his apprenticeship with minimal knowledge on cars. This wasn’t the case when he reached the end of his 3 year programme.

 “When I graduated, I had a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how systems work.”

Luke’s favourite aspect of the programme was the Service Technician Online Development Needs Analysis (STODNA), which allowed him to fill gaps in his learning nearer to the end of the course.

The detailed knowledge and skills that Luke earned allowed him to be fast tracked on the qualified technician path.

Luke believes all successful candidates will excel on the course as long as they apply themselves 100 percent and “ask questions so you really understand how things work.”

He also thinks that those who aren’t afraid of a challenge, or put off by in-depth learning and hard work, would be perfectly suited for this programme.



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