ŠKODA Service Technician- Victoria Pepper

Victoria Pepper is enrolled on the Service Technician Apprenticeship Programme with ŠKODA.

One of the key aspects of the apprenticeship that Victoria highlighted as positive was the combination of working with your trainer, as well as being given the freedom to work independently.

She is given her own jobs like services, recalls and brake fluid changes, and then when Victoria is with her trainer, she is shown a more technical and in depth side to her role.

The service technician programme appealed to Victoria because it’s “not something a female would usually do” and she likes to be “out of the ordinary”.

Victoria always had an interest in cars and wanted a more in depth knowledge rather than just seeing what’s on the outside and instead being told what goes on, she could have a more hands on knowledge of the vehicles.

When she first started her apprenticeship, she didn’t feel like she would have much responsibility but she soon realised that this wasn’t the case and was given more than expected.

Victoria highly recommends the apprenticeship, emphasising the fact that “in the short amount of time I’ve been there, I’ve learned so much already.”

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