What is an Institute of Technology and how could it benefit your future?


Got your sights set on a digital career or want to boost your technical knowledge? How does working with the likes of Microsoft, McAfee and KPMG sound?

Institutes of Technology or IoTs (not Internet of Things!) specialise in higher technical education at university level, and are collaborations between colleges, universities and employers intended to increase productivity and raise the standards of undergraduate technical education. They offer a specialised, unique way of learning, with study programmes that have been designed in partnership with employers in the industry, matching the skills they are looking for now and in the future.

The Tech industry is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy*

The South Central Institute of Technology has been crafted by leading education brands including Milton Keynes College, Cranfield University and Activate Learning, as well as industry-leading partners such as Microsoft, McAfee, KPMG, The National Museum of Computing and many more.

How is it different to university?

The South Central Institute of Technology offers a completely new way of learning. Firstly, they don’t offer traditional ‘courses’, and offer pathways instead. These pathways take new approaches to curriculum design and offer unique opportunities to develop skills, both technical and professional. Individuality is valued, as is real world experience. A lot of university students won’t even meet an employer, let alone work on projects with one until they graduate. South Central IoT students work on live projects and briefs and have the opportunity to network with employers from day one.

What are the pathways?

The South Central IoT is here to disrupt and do things differently, so they don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach with traditional courses or exams. In the real-world, a complex problem can arise anywhere, at any time, so you need to be equipped with the skills to adapt, learn and un-learn. The South Central IoT offer a flexible range of pathways which can be studied full-time or part-time to suit your needs. These include a range of computing and creative options: 

  • Data
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Games & Animation

You can find out more and apply to any of these pathways on their website www.mkcollege.digital

Why choose the South Central Institute of Technology?

  • Save £3000 per year: Higher National qualifications cost less than most university equivalents
  • Industry-experienced lecturers  
  • Learn in the heart of one of the top UK cities for tech
  • Graduate with an in-demand qualification
  • Get unique access to industry-leading employers

Where is the South Central Institute of Technology?

It’s situated in Milton Keynes, just 32 minutes from London in the vicinity of Bletchley Park, and halfway between Cambridge and Oxford. It’s located in the heart of a region with a high concentration of digital companies, who are urgently in need of skilled people to join them. 

What are the entry requirements?

The South Central Institute of Technology is not like other education providers. When it comes to entry requirements, the most important thing for them is passion, dedication and commitment to learning about digital technologies at a higher level. They want to know who you are, how you think, and where you interests lie. They invite applicants to have a conversation with their admissions team first.

Whatever the qualifications you have, they’ll find a way for you to join them and support you at every step of getting there. It all starts with a conversation with their friendly team to find out about your interests and aspirations, and they’ll match you to the right pathway from there. For anyone who doesn’t have a digital background, they will prepare you by offering their free digital bootcamp to get your knowledge up to date.

What do the students think?

Deborah Mungai joined the South Central Institute of Technology after completing her A Levels and realising university wasn’t for her.

“This turned into a golden opportunity for me as soon as I visited the college for their digital bootcamp. The building is separated from all other buildings and it was so quiet and clean, and the teachers offer more advice one-on-one or in small groups. At the digital bootcamp we were presented with all of the topics we would learn and what we would gain from them. 

Throughout the course we have learnt so much from the tutors – they really speak from the heart because they have so much personal experience. The tasks we’re set really push you to communicate and ask for help from teachers and fellow students. I have enjoyed meeting new people, and the flexibility of the course means I can keep my part time job and my online business as well.”

How can you join?

Applications for September 2021 starts are open now. Find out more and apply at www.mkcollege.digital

*according to Tech Nation’s 2018 report

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