Froe, Ben Kohn and Peter ‘merf’ Kelleher had quite an impressive 2011; No.1’s with Professor green (Read All About It) and dappy (No Regrets) and album cuts for wretch and Tinchy, we find out how practical experience helped Froe make major moves in the music industry.

What was your experience of CM?

Obviously it gives you access to all the equipment and more than that, the teachers are good, they teach outside of the box a bit. I got quite a lot out of it. Plus I was working with other people in a similar situation. at the time, cm were doing Pyroradio so it gave us a platform.

How did you find out about the course?

A mate of my mum knew about it. I’d been kicked out of school, no GCSE’s. I had nothing really going for me, and they were the kind of place that didn’t care about that, all they care about it your musical ability. It was about putting people like me on the right track.

How did it prepare you for your career?

A lot of the teachers were working as musicians at the same time. one was a dJ, asian dub Foundation were upstairs, so that showed you the real way, rather than just sitting in a room completely detached from the music industry. Even if you’re an aspiring rapper, to understand the studio, and be in that environment is the best way to learn the trade.

How has it popped off so hard for you guys this last year?

We decided to start making the music that we enjoy. If you’re trying to do stuff that you don’t enjoy, it’s never going to come out that well. You’ve just got to go with what you believe in. We did Spaceship for Tinchy and dappy, that was our first single, and from then on we’ve just been really going for it.

Who are you working with right now?

We’ve got dappy’s next single, he’s got Brian may playing the guitar! we work well with dappy – he’s like a driving force. If you’re doing a tune with him and it ain’t right, he’ll tell you to fix it. He’s a perfectionist. dot [rotten] is someone we work well with as well. we’re also doing stuff with Syco for Little mix, which is cool. we’ve got Professor green, we’re doing stuff with wretch and dot, we’re really excited about that. we’ve got a single with devlin coming soon. what else? (Laughs) There’s a kid that we’re working with in the next few weeks called mNEK– he’s one to watch. we’ve got a single coming out with devlin and Jagger, it’s a TmS
featuring record called Keep On The Light. It’s us exploring our non-pop side. we want to cement ourselves as being consistently at the top of the UK music scene.


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