Stuart Tatton


"An apprenticeship appealed to me because I believe the workplace is imperative for success. It’s where you can develop fundamental skills of leadership, time management, communication and professionalism. Without the experience of real life projects it would just be another two years of school.

"The apprenticeship training has been developed to enable you to understand and apply the theory at work. Initially it helped me understand industry jargon, procedures, charts etc. that I would come across working on projects. After that we delved into specific subjects, like stakeholder management, in further detail – without this training I would have felt extremely lost.

"It’s extremely daunting to enter a well-established company where everyone seems to be an expert, but you. However, from day one people took a keen interest in me as they felt encouraged by the company’s passion for moulding the next generation. As long as you’re enthusiastic about learning, they’re willing to teach.

"I feel there’s a growing realisation that university isn’t the only option. The government is providing huge backing towards apprenticeships and employers are seizing the opportunity to take on bright school leavers, who are fully capable of attaining a degree, and providing them with training specific for their industry.

"I hope I can act as an example of apprenticeship success so that QA can help more school leavers achieve their career goals."

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