TPS Parts Advisor- Megan Robinson

Megan chose to enrol on the Parts Advisor apprenticeship programme with TPS because its ‘more hands on (than higher education), and you’re not just stuck in a classroom all the time.’

Megan likes the fact that you get involved in the ‘real world’ at a younger age so that you’re better prepared for your career, whilst also getting paid.

Megan chose to work for TPS as they are involved in working with lots of brands within the Volkswagen Group, rather than just one brand. She also enjoyed speaking to lots of different people, and learning about the distribution and selection process of the industry.

The day to day duties that Megan had to take on included picking correct parts when ordered, speaking to people in a customer service role, as well as liaising with different garages.

Megan admits that at first she was unsure of what her job role had in store and what all the processes were, but the training, and support from the retailer, has led her to become confident and competent in her role.

She loved the training as the NLC facilities are brilliant and she liked staying in Milton Keynes with the friends she met during training. She found relating and speaking to everyone on the course to be easy and enjoyable.

Megan thought the trainers were amazing, helping her to understand her role in detail, and making sure she kept up with her work.

Megan’s advice to any potential apprentices is that “it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy, just go for it. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.”

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