Women in Rail

Posted: 27th of February 2019 by megan@notgoingtouni.co.uk

"WSP also has international opportunities and these can lead to working abroad in the future" - Alex, Apprentice Rail team, Manchester

The Rail team at WSP are a great team to work with, the academic and technical knowledge of the engineers is second to none and the culture of knowledge sharing is really positive - if you are keen to learn, no one will turn you away.

As an Apprentice in Rail, although my previous work experience is not in the same industry, I feel that my background has allowed me to be noticed and I have been given a variety of opportunities. Recently I was invited to NTAR (National Training Academy for Rail) for a two-day IMechE conference looking at innovation in the Rail industry and how businesses can keep up with the evolving population cultural trends and demands. is was an excellent opportunity to gain a further understanding of the industry with specific knowledge on rolling stock (trains), aswell as being a great networking opportunity.

My day to day role within the Rail Project Management team is varied and no two days are the same. I’ve been involved with several projects throughout the UK, WSP also has international opportunities and these can lead to working abroad in the future. Whilst working on the East Kilbride project I
was able to visit the site we are designing and complete a trackside survey, which gave me a tangible understanding of the sites and assets we work with on the track. A real positive in the Rail discipline is that the projects help to shape our surroundings. Everyone will, at some point, need to use a train and we help to make that experience better for everyone - commuters, passengers and for the economy.

As a female in the Rail industry I feel I can bring a fresh take on challenges, and provide skills the whole team can benefit from. WSP work hard towards a global strategy to enhance equality in the industry, I feel like it’s time for women to come and show the industry what we can do!

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