Zeenat Chady - Actuarial Apprentice

Posted: 12th of July 2016 by Anonymous

Zeenat Chady

Role: Actuarial Apprentice

Employer: Aon Hewitt

Location: Surrey

“I didn’t want to go to university but rather wanted to get my foot in the door early on, earn some money, not have a huge debt and get a great qualification at the end of it”

Even the brightest students don’t always see university in their path to a career, here Georgina Jenkins at the IFoA speaks to Zeenat, an actuarial apprentice who has mastered the art of work and play – sprinkled with some education for good measure!

Zeenat, what made you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Well, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study at university, and I really just wanted to get into the world of work and start networking with people of all ages rather than just people my own age. Also, I wanted to get my foot in the door and start early! I wanted to develop valuable skills whilst gaining a great qualification and a salary. Because of it, I have been able to do things many of my friends haven’t been able to do because they went to university, like go on holiday, buy a new car and start looking for my own home.

So inspirational! So what did you excel in at school which meant finance felt right for you?

At school I did well in subjects that were maths related, so maths and statistics, chemistry and biology. I’m really into dance too, but soon realised that I wanted to take the mathematical route!

Had you heard of the actuarial profession before you embarked on your career path?

Yes, I had heard of it very briefly through my own browsing of potential future career paths, but I had never really understood the role or what was needed or required.

How did you hear about the apprenticeship at Aon Hewitt?

I heard about the apprenticeship through my college, they sent an email around about the opportunity, I was interested straight away and applied as soon as I could. I was delighted when I was selected, it felt like my career was really going to take off – this idea of earning and learning was so exciting and I couldn’t wait to get started with the qualification and apprenticeship.

Give us an idea of what it’s like day to day for an apprentice?

I do a lot of the same work as a new graduate would do so never feel like I am behind, whilst also having the opportunity to speak to consultants on a daily basis to practise my people and networking skills. I enjoy the social side of my job also, as an office we go out most Friday’s after work so I don’t feel like I have missed out on the social aspect that I would have received at university, and I don’t regret my decision at all!

What’s next for you?

Given the opportunity I would love to complete the CAA qualification. However, I’m also keen to explore the opportunity that the full actuarial qualification offers – it’s just great to have options.

If you’re thinking university might not be right for you, but you love maths and the idea of work then contact the IFoA to find out more about the CAA professional qualification and apprenticeship: careers@actuaries.org.uk or 0207 632 2137


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