Charlotte’s Camp America story

Posted: 13th of August 2019 by Parisha

I have experienced being a camper myself at a summer school in Denmark, so once I had outgrown being a camper – being a counsellor was the next best thing. I heard of Camp America through family friends and it sounded like the best way to spend my summer – they were right!

I’ve spent 2 summers working on a camp in New York State and can honestly say it has been my hardest, but most rewarding job. I spent 9 weeks working with children, as an outdoor adventure specialist, and not only has it taught me to maintain a positive attitude in the face of a problem, but I have also overcome my fear of public speaking, and with the combination of this and all the other vital teamwork and leadership skills I gained from my summer, I feel as though I could tackle anything in my future working life.

Camp is a detox from everything. It is easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day life, but life is oh so simple at camp – sometimes it’s good to forget about reality, and that’s exactly what the camp bubble allows you to do. Whether you don’t know how to spend your long holiday, or you want to try something completely outside of your comfort zone this summer – you won’t regret signing up to Camp America.


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