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E.g., 08/18/2022
E.g., 08/18/2022

Alex Beech - Veolia

Meet Alex, Alex has been at Veolia for 8 years and in this time has completed two apprenticeships; L3 business administration and L3 CMI management. Read on to find out why he joined Veolia and how he’s contributing to building a better... Read more

Harry Jenkins - recently completed the Business Administration Apprenticeship and achieved a Distinction

I thoroughly enjoyed my level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, and I would recommend taking on an apprenticeship. The course enabled me to carry out my normal day to day role whilst studying for a qualification, which allowed me to gather... Read more

Ceri Martin – Joined the Cabinet Office through the Fast-track apprenticeships and is now employed as an SEO in Trade in Services and Digital | Trade Policy Group

Growing up I always had a strong interest in the workings of government and politics, so when I had the opportunity to join the Civil Service as an apprentice at 18, I jumped at the opportunity. ... Read more

Apprentices at GIST

Apprenticeships enable Gist to welcome new talent while providing apprentices with industry experience across a number of roles. Archie Marshall joined Gist in October 2021 as a Site and Sorter Maintenance Apprentice based at Gist Faversham. ... Read more