Air Crew

Air Crew

Aircrew play an integral part in the Royal Air Force. Working in the air or on the ground, they ensure the smooth running of the RAF. They are trained specialist in aircrafts, air-to-air combat, sensors and weapons, gathering the relevant intelligence to support ground forces.

Working as Royal Air Force Aircrew can offer unique and exciting opportunities that no other employer can hope to match. Whether you want to be a Pilot on manned or unmanned air platforms, Weapons Systems Officer or Weapons Systems Operator, the RAF has a role for you. We will help you unlock your full potential in one of the most exciting aviation careers in the world.

Join the Royal Air Force, it’s so much more than just a job – from worldwide travel to lifelong friendships and new experiences. Receiving the very best training, getting paid to learn all whilst performing an important role in the RAF.

Air Crew

Opportunities (2)

Do you want to work on the front line of defence for the RAF? Do you want to be responsible for the operation and control of aircraft systems, whilst using your skills to gather intelligence and support troops on the ground? As a Weapons System Operator, you will have the unique opportunity to work on board aircrafts and will receive specialist training enabling you to perform to the best of your ability. There are three specialist roles you could go into: Support Helicopter (SH) crewman:...

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  Are you looking for a job that will take you across the world and teach you key skills to help you cope with the most stressful of situations? Then you should consider an Air and Ground Steward Apprenticeship in the RAF. You will be trained in organisational and time management skills, excellent communication and number skills and have the ability to stay calm under pressure. You will be able to work in Military Messes supporting food services with our industry partners and delivering...

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