Air Operations

Air Operations

Air Operations are a critical part of the RAF. They excel in both problem solving and planning, you will receive a broad range of specialist training helping you to go above and beyond in your role.  Whether positioned in Air Traffic or Weapons Control, monitoring the skies and outer space, or managing a Flight Operations team, you will need to be switched on and alert at all times.

As Air Operations personnel, you could be performing a wide range of tasks. Anything from creating flight plans, coordinating air traffic to and from military bases, controlling jets intercepting suspicious aircraft, or even monitoring foreign satellites over the UK. No two days will be the same!

Joining the Royal Air Force, is so much more than just a job – you’ll have opportunities that no other employer can hope to match, from worldwide travel to lifelong friendships. Receive the very best training and get paid to learn whilst performing an important role in the RAF.

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Opportunities (3)

Do you want to work at the frontline of the RAF; helping with the slick running of military airfields, overseas operations and radar control? As an Air Operations (Control) Sergeant, you will become part of an elite team; coordinating fighter jets, controlling the battlespace   to support missions at home and overseas. Working as the backbone of a squadron, you will learn how to coordinate air traffic to and from military bases. You will be in the midst of the action as part of the team who...

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Would you like to join an elite team controlling offensive, defensive and combat support aircraft? As an Air & Space Operations Specialist (Aerospace Systems) you’ll manage some of the world’s most sophisticated technology. Working with cutting-edge of computer information systems to search the skies for potential threats. Throughout your training you will gain a level 3 Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship. This will accompany the world-class training you will receive and allow you...

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Our Air & Space Operations Specialist (Flight Operations) play a vital role in the RAF, providing direct support to aircrew, air operation controllers and operations managers in a variety of roles. As an Air & Space Operations Specialist (Flight Operations) you will work as part of a team coordinating the RAF’s vast array of aeronautical information, which is critical to the safe and speedy conduct of missions. After receiving 12-weeks of specialist training, you will have the skills to...

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