Engineers play a vital role in keeping the RAF moving forward. You will receive specialist training, helping to propel you into a fast-paced working environment like no other! As an engineer in the RAF you will be able to seek unique and exciting opportunities to set you apart from the crowd. Engineer Technicians ensure the maintenance of highly technical equipment, whether it’s a fighter jet, support equipment or an information system; allowing you to unlock your full potential in one of the most exciting careers in the engineering industry.

Joining the Royal Air Force is so much more than just a job – you’ll have opportunities that no other employer can hope to match, from worldwide travel to lifelong friendships. Receive the very best training and get paid to learn whilst performing an important role in the RAF.

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The Royal Air Force (RAF) polices the skies, protecting the UK from threats at home while peacekeeping abroad. Our full and spare-time roles offer skills for life, and a chance to play a part in operations around the world – from providing humanitarian aid to preventing a civil war.  Without the RAF Engineers this wouldn't happen.  We make up approximately 40% of the RAFs manpower. The Apprenticeships We have many Engineering roles to choose from delivered by the RAF who are rated as Ofsted...

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Cyberspace Communication Specialist (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship - Unified Communication Technician). Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are at the heart of everything we do, nothing starts without them. Imagine a world without your mobile phone , WiFi or social media. Imagine a world where you can’t trust that someone isn’t reading your personal messages. Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are responsible for maintaining all the communications networks the RAF rely on every...

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As a Royal Air Force Vehicle & Mechanical Equipment Technician, you could maintain a range of plant equipment used in support of aircraft and air operations as well as Airfield and Combat Support vehicles.  This can include power-generating equipment for starting aircraft, haulage and lifting gear, hydraulic power rigs, air compressors, mobile air cooling and conditioning units, fire engines, aircraft handling loaders, aircraft towing vehicles and more. The work ranges from routine...

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As a Royal Air Force Weapons Technician you will be responsible for arming our aircraft with weapons. You will also make sure all the weapons management and release systems are in full working order. Most weapons technicians spend their first tour of duty on a flying squadron helping with ground handling tasks and preparing the aircraft for the next flight, you could go on to work with ejection seats and rocket launchers, bombs and missiles or to service small arms and automatic weapons. ...

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