Force Protection

Force Protection

RAF Force Protection specialists provide the front line of defence for the RAF wherever it operates. They work both at home and overseas to ensure the safety of UK and Allied personnel and equipment, whilst supporting the Nation’s s interests in every action. After receiving specialist training, you will have an elite skill set in defence, security and protection, used to counter a wide spectrum of threats, wherever and whenever necessary.

As a member of RAF Force Protection, no two days are the same. Whether you choose to work as a Regiment Gunner, specialising in ground close combat and aircraft protection, as a Firefighter, providing fire and crash rescue or as an RAF Policeman conducting Aviation Security. Joining the Royal Air Force is so much more than just a job – you’ll have opportunities that no other employer can hope to match, from worldwide travel to lifelong friendships. Receive the very best training and get paid to learn whilst performing an important role in the RAF.

Force Protection

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Do you want to work on the front line defending the Royal Air Force around the world? Does the idea of training and operating as a specialist close combat airman excite you? Then you could be a Regiment Gunner in the Royal Air Force; expert in ground combat tactics, weapons, field craft and force protection. As a Royal Air Force Regiment Gunner, you’ll perform a pivotal role: providing combat support to deployed  air operations anywhere in the world – fighting on the ground to ensure...

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