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4 Year Apprenticeship in Engineering and / or Machining

Apprentices would be required to attend an engineering training group 1 day per week under a local College. 

The courses we cover are: engineering foundation and NVQ level 1 & 2 with continuing on to the advanced NVQ level 3 built on the job experience with job write-ups etc., and 1 day per week studying the technical certificate VRQ level 3.

If the person is an older student with higher qualifications then NVQ level 1 & 2 can be skipped, so they would start straight away on a NVQ level 3 or B-TEC but at some point need to incorporate the PO units.  

If a student finds college relatively easy and fly’s through the NVQ level 3 then we also offer to share support, which gives the opportunity to advance on HNC & HND diplomas.  

Since 2020 the government have change the course from Frameworks to Standards. Frameworks were more flexible and incorporated different units a variety of engineering for the AOL qualification.

Standards are much less flexible so once you decide which area to concentrate on as your engineering career, then that will come the main focus of study. For example if you decide electrical then it only be electrical with no other engineer covered within NVQ.

Below is the areas in engineering in which we offer:

Stores – All aspect of working in the stores, dealing with people and delivers and parts.

Mechanical – Welding, Fabrication, Sheet-Metal, Metal Finishing, Machine Shop, Electrical basic.  

Machining on Lathe and Mills / Machining Centres.


Electrical only - Panel wiring, Field wiring, Mains wiring.

Machine Shop only - Manual Machining on Lathes and Mills, Drills & progressing on to CNC

Drawing Office – Auto-Cad and Design.

4 Year Apprenticeship in Engineering and / or Machining

Great Gransden, Sandy SG19, UK
Hilton, UK
Bedfordshire, UK

Published on 3 Aug 2021

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