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Air and Ground Steward Apprenticeship - FULL TIME CAREER WITH APPRENTICESHIP

Are you looking for a job that will take you across the world and teach you key skills to help you cope with the most stressful of situations? Then you should consider an Air and Ground Steward Apprenticeship in the RAF.

You will be trained in organisational and time management skills, excellent communication and number skills and have the ability to stay calm under pressure. You will be able to work in Military Messes supporting food services with our industry partners and delivering fine dining events for Military personnel.

You could work in a field kitchen supporting exercises and on operations worldwide and you could volunteer to become Cabin Crew on the Royal Air Force’s flagship aircraft “Voyager”. With experience you could volunteer to work in our residence VIP Team and work for high-ranking Officers who entertain Government Ministers and even members of the Royal Family.

Find out more about becoming an Air and Ground Steward Apprentice in the RAF

Be aged 17 1/2 – 48 years old
No formal Qualifications required
Be a UK, Republic of Ireland or Commonwealth citizen
Pass the Airman Selection Test
Pass a General Fitness Test

Pay during training £15,200+ & Benefits

Initial pay after training £18,800+ & Benefits

For more information about the role and details of our application process, visit the RAF Recruitment website. To be directed straight to our site Click 'Apply'.

Air and Ground Steward Apprenticeship - FULL TIME CAREER WITH APPRENTICESHIP

United Kingdom
Apprenticeships, Full Time

Published on 10 Jul 2020