Apprentice Level 3 - Data Analyst - London Canary Wharf

Apply From: 19th of March 2020
Application Deadline: 27th of April 2020
Start Date:

What you'll be doing

  • Identify, collect and migrate data to/from a range of internal and external systems
  • Use a range of analytical techniques such as data mining, time series forecasting and modelling techniques to identify and predict trends and patterns in data
  • Apply the tools and techniques for data analysis, data visualisation and presentation
  • Summarise and present the results of data analysis to a range of stakeholders making recommendations
  • Works with the organisation's data architecture
  • The fundamentals of data structures, database system design, implementation and maintenance
  • The quality issues that can arise with data and how to avoid and/or resolve these
  • How to use and apply industry standard tools and methods for data analysis
  • Blend data by combining data from various sources and formats
  • validate results of analysis using various techniques, e.g. cross checking, to identify faults in data results and to ensure data quality
  • communicate results verbally, through reports and technical documentation and tailoring the message for the audience
  • store, manage and share data securely in a compliant manner

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