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We'll take care of your children! Mini Miners Nursery incorporates Montessori & EYFS curriculum. This nursery is coming up with a vision of children understanding gain through purposeful experiences. We promote a relaxed and happy atmosphere focusing on ‘Learning through Play’ within a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. Mini Miners Nursery is managed by a qualified B.Ed. Honors graduate from ‘Institute of Education’ London and had worked in an independent school for several years within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, Montessori and key stage 1.Mini Miners nursery is open to all children aged 2 – 5yrs and predominately serve the surrounding areas. We follow set policies and procedures to ensure we continue to operate legally and ethically.

Framework and Level: Children’s Workforce & Development – level 3

Location: London W3

Vacancy full description: 

This is an incredibly varied environment, with up to 7 different settings. This is due to the different childcare requirements, for e.g. the setting accommodates reception year learners, ‘day care’ for funded children, creche facilities for parents on courses, aswell as private childcare.

The settings are very open-plan, with a generous outdoor area. They are located next door to Wood Green School.


Main Scope of Job


-To set up and help facilitate family groups, Stay and plays, offering opportunities for social interaction and adult child interaction.


-To provide a safe and fun environment, and encourage the development of the children through play and social interaction linking in with the EYFS curriculum, demonstrating and promoting good practices in an anti-discriminatory environment. 


-To support children who are being cared for in the nursery facilities.


-To support and lead on setting up rooms according to children’s needs and clearing rooms at the end of sessions


Main Duties and Responsibilities of the Post


- To support Early Years staff to provide an excellent standard of care for the children and work alongside parents to promote children’s learning.


- To co-operate with the Early Years Practitioner in the running of groups/sessions, assisting with planning and schemes of work.


- To be flexible to the needs of the group, parents, carers, staff and most of all the children.


- To bring to the attention of the Centre Management any matters concerning the well-being of the children particularly relating to child abuse.


- To ensure the room is properly set up with appropriate toys and equipment before sessions begin including ensuring all risk assessments are completed and all fire exits cleared. To report any damage or hazards, and leave the building in a safe manner.


- Ensure cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained in all areas.


- To make sure the rooms are tidy when sessions end, ensuring the equipment is replaced in the correct storage boxes and toys are clean for the next session.


- To check the play equipment, its storage, repair and cleanliness.


- To keep records of minor and major accidents, and complete the Significant Incident Book if necessary, with the support of SEYP and or Manager.


- To support the SEYP during a Fire Drill, practised termly.


- To comply with all relevant legislation.


- To promote by good practise Equal Opportunities.


- To participate in supervision with line manager monthly


- To be willing to undergo necessary training as identified through performance management and supervision


- To carry out any such duties as required by the Children’s Centre Manager.

Pay: £280 per week

We are a children centre setup for toddlers and pre-school children, with an emphasis on quality care and development

Application closed

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