University isn’t the only route to build a successful career. And for those who think that it is, they haven’t been introduced to the world of Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are easy to define: You learn. You earn. You progress.

It’s a real job with real training, giving you experience and achieving national qualifications – and getting paid throughout the entire process.

Even if you have no previous work experience, becoming a paid apprentice is an exciting opportunity for a school leaver.

Apprenticeships are offered by some of the most innovative and forward thinking companies around. That means you’ll get incredible experience as you develop a broad array of skills. 

Average salaries while in training for those in and energy and utilities related apprenticeships were higher than the average of all apprentices (£12,624 per year).

On average, once qualified, starting salaries can begin at £18,000 to £39,500.

This is how it works. Over the course of the apprenticeship (up to four years), you’ll learn both in the classroom and in a hands-on job. There’ll be all kinds of ground-breaking projects to tackle – perhaps helping to build wind farms or roll out smart electricity meters. 

Rest assured, you’ll have support at every stage from a personal mentor.

What’s in it for you?

  • Earn a real wage
  • Be trained in skills employers want
  • Quick career progression routes
  • Learn at a pace that suits you
  • Have a holiday and be paid while you’re away
  • Set yourself up for a brighter, more future
  • Doing an apprenticeship is not easier than doing the traditional university degree. However, they are functioned to do the same thing: help you launch a successful career in your desired field. 

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