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The Army Reserve

The Army Reserve


Location – Nationwide


Company – Army


Job type – Part-time


The Army Reserve provides highly trained soldiers and officers who can work alongside our Regulars on missions in the UK and overseas. We also give people who have specialist skills a unique chance to use them in new ways. But as a Reservist you can balance your personal and working life with your military life. (In fact, depending on the unit you join, you could spend as little as 19 days or 27 days per year training.)  For the training and duties you complete, you’ll get paid a tax-free lump bonus. All while developing the kinds of qualities that will give you a real edge in civilian life.


Skills you can learn:

Our basic training teaches you essential soldiering skills, like how to survive outdoors and how to fire weapons. From there on, you could train to become a specialist in one of over 200 roles in the Army, covering everything from Infantry to Intelligence, Logistics to Linguists. Whatever you do, you’ll gain practical knowledge that will be second to none. You’ll become fitter and more confident – and like your regular colleagues, you’ll get promoted and rewarded accordingly as you gain experience.


Qualifications you should have:

  • No formal qualifications required


Qualifications you can achieve:

  • With over 200 roles available, you can achieve a huge range of specialist qualifications.


The Army Reserve

The Army
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Published on 1 Apr 2020