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Automation & Controls Engineering Technician Apprentice

You’ll be joining Naturespell and undertaking an apprenticeship in a rewarding and challenging role using the latest Technology and Equipment, taking an Apprenticeship at Naturespell is a great choice.

You will be carrying out the maintenance of complex automated machinery that manufacture Naturespells range of products, such as;

  • The role is based inside a manufacturing (discrete or process), logistics or utilities environments, a fully competent Automation & Control Engineering Technician will be able to install, maintain, fault find and optimise hardware and software for automation systems.
  • Firmware on all devices are kept up to date in line with manufacturer recommendations and available updates.
  • Appropriate network topologies are installed and maintained.
  • Appropriate software configurations and program solutions are implemented
  • Situations where updating firmware should not be carried out are identified.
  • All safety standards met or exceeded
  • Documentation that requires change subject to update activities are maintained.
  • Back-ups of previous configurations are implemented.

Automation & Controls Engineering Technician Apprentice

Harrow, UK

Published on 8 Feb 2021

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