BA (Hons) Business Management with Entrepreneurship

Apply From: 20th of March 2017
Application Deadline:
Start Date: 11th of September 2017

Our Business Management with Entrepreneurship programme is more than just a degree. It is more ambitious than a traditional course and will give you the perfect balance of academic theory and practical experience.  It's for enterprising entrepreneurs, looking to set up their own business. You'll be given start up capital and a mentor to help you set up and run your own business, as part of your course.

Immerse yourself in the real world of business and learn from the very best.

It’s an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the real world of business, from within an international FTSE 100 company and learn from the very best, paying equal attention to the development of core “employability skills” and business knowledge. The course will enable you to develop attributes such as resilience, an appreciation of cultural diversity and its impact on commercial entities and the ability to make decisions, particularly in a global business environment.

You’ll be taught by our enterprising academics, many of whom are also business professionals and you’ll learn about business holistically from within a business – how to make maximum impact in a corporate environment with word and deed, by applying your developing knowledge to the solution of realistic business problems.

Although you’ll study the same core modules, our business management programmes are very different and are designed to build the skills needed to thrive in the related industry.

Why choose this course:

You'll learn from a combination of lectures, seminars and workshops, each designed to bring the world of business to life using real world examples from our industry partners. Developing a social enterprise in India, pitching your idea to a multinational company, speaking on a panel at a global conference and launching your own business! These are just a handful of unique industry experiences we’ve helped our students achieve. They are examples of how we can really help you stand out.

You’ll get the chance to set-up your own business! Students set-up and run their own business as part of the programme in the first second and third years with mentoring provided. You’ll get a chance to make a headstart on your business in your final year and you can start forward-planning your own business as part of the degree. You also get the chance to take part in consultancy projects and provide consultancy to other startups in your second year and write a business plan for their company.

You’ll get the opportunity to undertake an internship. It’s important to get real experience so that’s why we always try to find you an internship that relates to your preferred career once you graduate (subject to academic performance).

Our BA (Hons) Business Management programmes give you the option to take an Industry Placement, where you can take up to 15 months of a degree-related work placement, continuing with your studies alongside. The placement allows you to apply and develop your knowledge and skills by replicating tasks performed in the workplace, as well as discover new approaches to and elements of your disciplinary interests. This means you’ll start to develop some of the key competencies that employers value, such as collaboration, teamwork and self-awareness.  

We also have a business incubation space at the heart of the campus so you’ll meet entrepreneurs and professionals on a daily basis.

*Please note: It is not possible to apply for an accelerated programme; on completion of level 4, our full-time students have the opportunity to request to accelerate to a two-year programme.  The decision to allow this is based on the student's performance in their assessments in the programme so far and you will need to satisfy performance criteria in the first two terms to be considered for it.

What you'll study:

All Business Management students study the same core module in their first year. This module introduces you to key business topics in the context of a real organisation.

Core module – Principles of Business

Our unique 60 credit module Principles of Business, consists of four interlinked parts which are designed to give you a holistic introduction to key business topics in the context of a real organisation, including finance, marketing, people, law, organisational behaviour and technology.

  • Part 1 of the module focuses on the overall purpose of business, including the set-up and infancy of organisations.

  • Part 2 gives a technical introduction to the pillars of business: finance, law, management, marketing and innovation.

  • Part 3 consists of simulated placements where students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills by replicating tasks performed in the workplace by industry professionals.

  • Part 4 brings together each of the pillars of business in the context of strategy, governance, ethics, and leadership before concluding with the end of an organisation’s life-cycle.

Principles of Business is assessed in four parts over the course of two terms.


You can then choose 60 credits from the list of first year modules, so you can explore business and management broadly in your first year. Modules on offer include:

  • Agile App Design for Business (15 credits)

  • Business Mathematics (15 credits)

  • Industry Studies 1 (15 credits)

  • International Business Regions 1 (15 credits)

  • Introduction to Business Economics (15 credits)

  • Introduction to Research (15 or 30 credits)

  • Principles of Management Reporting and Decision Making (15 credits)

  • Professional Attitudes and Customer Management (15 credits)

  • Self-managed learning (15 or 30 credits)  

The self-managed learning modules gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the use of your initiative and level of autonomy by applying your skills and knowledge to a specialist area which is of particular interest to you. As an example, you could draft a report in an area of interest not covered in the main syllabus, study a module at another institution (e.g. a language at another university), create a practical project by applying a topic in depth, write a report on work based learning on an internship, or complete a professional qualification. You can design some of your own learning, incorporate learning from other sources, or incorporate work- based or entrepreneurial activities. This will help to ensure that you have the confidence to take your learning and personal development further into new areas and emerging sectors, and will allow you to pursue your own unique interests.

Your second year (level 5)

Once students have had exposure to the different areas of business in their first year then they can either choose or switch their specialism before the second year begins. We aim to have more industry involvement than any other Higher Education institution and you’ll really start to focus on building connections and gaining experience. There are lots of exciting industry projects from internships to trips abroad that you can be involved in.

Core Modules

All Business Management students study these core modules in order to build an understanding of the central functions within an organisation.

  • Strategic Marketing (15 credits)

  • People Management and Leadership (15 credits)

  • Operations & Project Management (15 credits)

  • Introduction to Contract Law (15 credits)

Specialist modules

  • Consultancy Entrepreneurship Project (30 credits)

  • Self-Managed Learning (30 credits)

In the Consultancy Project you will prepare a business plan for the start of a new business and will advise, as a consultant, on the business proposals of other students.  In the Self-Managed Learning module you will start a new business in consultation with your supervisor and mentor, incorporating the learning from the Consultancy Project module.

Your third year (level 6)

By your final year you will have developed a thorough understanding of the principles of business and will have had lots of exposure to real organisations, industry case studies and working practitioners. This final year is focused on bringing everything you have learnt together to solve real business problems.

Core modules

In your final year, all business management students study three core modules:

  • Strategic Management (15 credits)

  • Strategic Innovation Management (15 credits)

Final Project (30 credits)

Specialist modules

  • Entrepreneurship Research & Reports (30 credits)

  • Self-Managed Learning (30 credits)

Within the Entrepreneurship Research and Reports and the Self-Managed Learning (SML) module, you’ll continue setting up and running your business. In the Entrepreneurship and Reports module you will write reports and consider the next steps, for example, you may choose to close the business down, or to continue to run in post-graduation (in which case you will graduate with a degree and your own micro business), or to seek further investment or other input.

Final year electives

You will study 120 credits in total over your final year. The remaining credits can be completed by choosing from the range of modules listed below:

  • Advanced Financial Management (15 credits)

  • Brand Building and Management (15 credits)

  • Consultancy Project (30 credits)

  • European Union Law (15 credits)

  • Industry Studies 3 (15 credits)

  • Innovative Marketing Strategies (15 credits)

  • Intellectual Property Law (15 credits)

  • International Business Regions 3 (15 credits)

  • Predictive Analytics and Big Data (15 credits)

  • Self-managed learning (15 or 30 credits)

  • Sustainability (15 credits)

  • Transnational Economics and Financial Markets (15 credits)

How will your work be assessed?
Throughout your degree we use a range of methods, designed to reflect the kind of activities you may be asked to do in the workplace, either individually or as part of a team. For example, report writing, data analysis, preparing strategies and presentations. You’ll also submit different types of coursework and sit written exams as part of the assessment for some modules.

We’ll challenge you academically, with inspiring, up-to-the-minute course content developed to give you the competencies that employers value. Best of all, we work with a wide range of professional bodies to make sure our degrees are aligned to their qualifications. So, as you study, you’ll gain exemptions from various professional business, management and finance examinations and have the opportunity to take professional qualifications.

Our students have also chosen to set up a number of companies themselves including Reel Time Art an initiative whereby artists attend a wedding and paint a scene of the special occasion in real time, Once Upon a Doug, a social enterprise project whereby our students have been helping cotton farmers in India to earn supplemental income which in turn has helped a whole community, and Yaantu - take a look at the video below to find out more about what Yaantu's all about!

What are the entry requirements?

Our typical UCAS tariff entry is 120 points (BBB at A level) or equivalent. However, we’re really looking for people with a passion for their subject so if you do not have the UCAS tariff points you need, or traditional entry qualifications, you can still apply through our assessment-based entry route. You’ll be invited to a Professional Workshop to see if we’re the right fit for you.

What are the fees?

Full time fees are £9,250. All students that attend and pass a Creative/Professional Workshop will be awarded a partial tuition fee waiver, up to the maximum fee loan available for the programme. The workshops are a great opportunity to meet other students and get to know Pearson Business School/Escape Studios and our fee waiver can significantly reduce your tuition fees. Find out more about fees and funding here.


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