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BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology

What motivates people to behave the way they do? What makes a ‘crime’? What makes someone a ‘criminal’?

If you want to become a social scientist with the skills to make sense of issues relating to both crime and psychology then this distance learning course is for you. Both psychology and criminology aim to understand the world of social values and behaviours. But while Psychology looks at human behaviour in general, Criminology looks at criminal behaviour in particular. As well as the chance to study crime, criminal behaviour, the justice system and understand and predict the many factors involved in human behaviour, you will gain valuable analytical and research skills that will leave you highly employable.

Here you get the chance to study two fascinating fields in the social sciences. You will spend equal time on both disciplines.

You will look into such topics as the effects of social diversity and inequality on crime rates, develop an understanding of a range of research methods and data analysis skills, and develop knowledge of a range of influences on psychological well-being. You will get involved in debate, learn to work independently, demonstrate critical analysis skills and learn how to formulate and evaluate research and data – all skills that will be of huge value in the world of work.

Course Content (Modules)

Year 1 (Level 4)

  • Effective Interdisciplinary Study
  • Introduction to Social & Developmental Psychology
  • Introduction to Biological & Cognitive Psychology
  • Crime & Society
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Key Studies in Psychology

Year 2 (Level 5)

  • Research and Ethics in Action
  • Personality and Intelligence
  • Social Psychology
  • Contemporary Debates in Criminology
  • Environmental Criminology
  • Policing & Police Powers

Year 3 (Level 6)

  • Research Planning & Project
  • Contemporary Developmental Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Cybercrime
  • Youth Justice

Entry requirements

This distance learning course has standard entry requirements. To be eligible for this course through the standard entry requirements you must have either:

  • Two subjects at GCE A level or equivalent, plus passes at grade C or above in three subjects at GCSE level or equivalent; or
  • Completed a recognised Access Programme or equivalent.

For students whose prior learning was not taught in English

  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

If you have work experience

We are happy to consider an application from you if you can show us you have the motivation to study the programme.

We’ll ask you for a personal statement that demonstrates your ability to study the course. We’ll also ask you for references and evidence of relevant work experience.


BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology

Distance Learning, Level 4, Level 4, Level 5, Level 5, Level 5, Level 6, Level 6, Level 6

Published on 2 Jun 2020