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BA (Hons) Criminology & Sociology

How does crime impact on society? What does it mean to be ‘abnormal’? And how does society seek to control crime’s causes and consequences?

During our Criminology and Sociology degree, you will learn the answers to these pressing questions by exploring the phenomenon of crime. You will explore its causes, consequences, enforcement and the social implications it has on society. Studying both subjects will give you an insight into the world of social values and behaviours, looking at crime in a wider social context by understanding how individuals and institutions respond to it.

For this distance learning degree, you get the opportunity to explore two complementary areas of the social sciences. You will spend equal time on both disciplines.

Whilst criminology focuses on ways to understand crime including policing and the criminal justice system, as well as an in-depth look into victims and offenders, sociology explores social relationships and institutions, focusing on contemporary social problems.

YouYou will get the chance to study both large-scale issues, such as poverty, inequality and social injustice, and micro-studies of the impact of social and economic change and social policies on neighbourhoods and diverse groups.

Course Information (Modules)

Year 1 (Level 4)

  • Effective Interdisciplinary Study
  • Crime & Society
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Medicalisation of the Self
  • Inequalities in the Modern World

Year 2 (Level 5)

  • Research and Ethics in Action
  • Contemporary Debates in Criminology
  • Environmental Criminology
  • Abnormality & The Deviant Other
  • Policing and Police Powers
  • Protests, Mass Movements & Rebellion

Year 3 (Level 6)

  • Cybercrime
  • Youth Justice
  • Consumer Society & The Commodification of Beings
  • Insecurity & Precariousness in the Globalised World
  • Research Planning & Project

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this course through the standard entry requirements you must have either:

  • Two subjects at GCE A level or equivalent, plus passes at grade C or above in three subjects at GCSE level or equivalent; or
  • Completed a recognised Access Programme or equivalent.

For students whose prior learning was not taught in English

  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

If you have work experience

We are happy to consider an application from you if you can show us you have the motivation to study the programme.

We’ll ask you for a personal statement that demonstrates your ability to study the course. We’ll also ask you for references and evidence of relevant work experience.

BA (Hons) Criminology & Sociology

Distance Learning, Level 4, Level 4, Level 5, Level 5, Level 5, Level 6, Level 6, Level 6

Published on 1 Jun 2020