Volunteer Teaching Assistant in Fiji

Apply From: 12th of August 2011
Application Deadline: 8th of September 2019
Start Date: 2nd of September 2019

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Fiji is made up of a group of tropical islands in the South Pacific with a unique mixture of Polynesian and European influences. The local people are warm, friendly and extremely generous, despite often having little in the form of material possessions and wealth. 

Based in a school on one of the islands, volunteers are able to use the world class education they have received to improve the lives and prospects of children in Fiji. You'll be able to develop your own lessons within the national curriculum and lead your own classes whilst learning valuable transferable skills. These placements are ideal for those that are thinking of going in to the teaching profession, or want to gain some first had experience abroad and develop their CV before starting work back in the UK.

Volunteers are also encouraged to get involved in the life of their host community. Whether that is getting involved in the local sports teams, craft clubs or providing extra English classes for community leaders, there is always something to get involved in and life is never quiet!

Living and working in a community provides a unique opportunity to experience the true Fiji, and provides the perfect base from which to explore the region.

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