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Whether you're on a gap year, summer placement or career break, if you want to get your hands dirty and see physical results from your placement overseas our Building Project in South Africa may suit you.

Many of the placements we work with are housed in inadequate accommodation. Currently volunteers are working on building a community centre in Village Heights, Lavender Hill, which will serve as a multi-purpose building with its own toilet and kitchen. Since 2010, volunteers have built a day care centre for children of the community, toilets with their own underground bio-chemical drop sewerage system, an enclosed wash area with fresh running water, a fully enclosed secure play area for the children, a high wall around the building for security, and a concrete patio which will lead to the communal garden.




Volunteers work under the guidance and supervision of a building manager, assisting with all levels of building and construction. The buildings are made using an eco-bag system. Eco-bags are filled with sand and using this technique it is possible to build better quality houses for less money, whilst also using ecological materials such as recycled rubble and eco timber beams.

The roles in which volunteers are involved will vary but may include digging foundations, mixing cement, placing the eco-bags to build walls, building a roof, plastering and putting the finishing coat of paint on the completed building.



You do not need previous building experience to take part in this project but any relevant skills will be an advantage. All volunteers should, however, be reasonably fit and physically active, and be prepared for working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.


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