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Car Park and Estates Trainee

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Car Park and Estates Trainee


Traineeship Job title Car Park & Estate Trainee

Employer Name Unibail Rodamco Westfield

Job description.
What will the trainee be
doing as part of their

Shadow the Car Park & Estate Manager & Executive at Westfield
Stratford City and contractors.
Working in the Car Park office on the control desk dealing with
guest enquiries and patrols with the Customer Services Operator
Attend appropriate meetings with the Car park & Estate
management team
Deliver a review of Estate standards and present findings
Undertake a comprehensive competitor review of all car parks
within a 5 mile radius and present back to CP & Estate team

Normal working hours
at this employer site.

10am - 4pm

Tier 1 – 6 weeks
Tier 2 – 10-12 weeks
Tier 3 – 20 weeks
(What is the preferred
lengh of placement

Tier 1 – 6 weeks
2 weeks with LMP followed by 4 weeks with Westfield

Any financial support
given to the trainees?
Travel and lunch expenses

£100 Westfield gift card (£5per day) to cover lunch + travel for the
duration of their placement with us, LMP to coordinate travel and
invoice Westfield – Community Relations Manager

Anything specifically
that the employer has

Proposed start date?

Start date 5th July 2021
Last day 29th July 2021

Location of vacancy-
Name of employer and


Westfield London
Centre Management Suite
Unit 4006
W12 7GF

Westfield Stratford
Centre Management Suite 2
Stratford Place
E20 1EJ


Working from home or
on the employer site?
will equipment be supplied if

On Site base being Centre Management Office
Laptop will be provided for the 4 week placement with Westfield

What software will the
trainee require on their

Nothing on top of normal programmes

Name and contact
details of the person
the Trainee should
report to on their first

Chris Michell, Car Park and Estates Manager
07825 932067

Car Park and Estates Trainee

Unibail Rodamco Westfield
London, UK

Published on 5 Aug 2021

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