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Snow-capped mountains and smiling faces. Multi-coloured lakes and world-renowned churches. Welcome to the real Ethiopia – a far cry from the parched and barren land it’s portrayed as on the news. This is a vibrant and exciting country, where the locals are waiting to welcome you.

Care volunteers work with orphanages, day care centres, kindergartens and care homes in and around Addis Ababa.

The homes provide full-time care for orphaned or abandoned children and are places where children are given friendship and support while they wait to be adopted. Day care centres and kindergartens provide a safe haven where children can be free to play and learn away from the stresses of their home or street lives. The children who have made it to these homes and centres crave the love and affection that volunteers have the time and energy to give. This is where your help is most needed.

Your role as a volunteer will be to help feed and wash the children, teach them basic numeracy, play games with them, and generally spend time with them. You may even find yourself delivering informal English lessons and organising day trips out. There will not be a single moment when you doubt that you are needed, or valued. Our Ethiopian team organise a workshop once a month for our care volunteers in the Addis Ababa office. The workshop provides care volunteers with a valuable overview of the care system in Ethiopia. You will also receive advice and suggestions regarding activities to carry out at your placement.

Apart from fundamental childcare activities such as feeding and dressing the children, you will find yourself getting involved in other essential activities. Whether you are helping a child to learn to count, organising a game of catch or letting a child braid your hair, volunteer work in Ethiopia will make a difference to the quality of their daily lives.


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