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Careers at Sea

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Rating or Officer roles?


Whichever maritime path – and role – you take, a unique way of life packed with challenges and responsibilities awaits.


Officer roles


Full sponsorship opportunities available for officer roles – find out more below.




As an Engineering Officer, you operate and maintain all the mechanical and electrical equipment on board the ship. You'll be responsible for power generation and distribution, lifts, refrigeration plant, pumping and ventilation systems.




As an Electro-Technical Officer (often abbreviated to ETO) you'll maintain a wide range of complex onboard electronic and electrical equipment. Look forward to regularly dealing with technical challenges and equipment as diverse as the main electric generation plant and electronic communication systems.


Navigation (Deck)


As a Navigation Officer – also called a Deck Officer – you’ll be a crucial member of the ship's management team. It’s a big responsibility, with the exciting prospect of being in charge of sophisticated, expensive vessels, valuable cargo or passengers.


Ratings roles


Ratings is a general term for skilled seafarers who carry out support work for officers in all departments. The work involves a wide range of tasks essential to the safe operation and maintenance of the ship. Examples include deck ratings, engine room ratings and catering, hospitality and onboard services ratings.


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