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Prospects College of Advanced Technology (PROCAT) provides a unique partnership with the engineering and construction industries to train the next generation of skilled technicians. Apprenticeships start at intermediate and go right through to degree level and range from construction maintenance and carpentry through to railway engineering and robotics.

Construction accounts for the employment of around three million people in the UK - over 8% of the workforce - so anyone choosing a construction career will be joining one of Britain's largest, most exciting and rewarding industries. A career in the sector could lead to work in domestic housing, building sites and even work abroad. The job can offer a unique combination of technical planning and design work together with hands-on installation and problem solving. You will be joining a globally respected industry. Britain has a reputation for world class design, inspirational architecture and the highest quality building work. As long as you are determined and work hard, there is plenty of opportunity to move up the career ladder in the construction sector and develop your skills and knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to learn on the job, with a massive range of training available at all levels. PROCAT courses in construction, utilities and infrastructure can take you from the start of your journey at level 1, all the way through to being a fully qualified tradesperson at level 3 and beyond. Your career path is likely to be varied and may well change as you begin to specialise. More than a third of people working in the construction industry are their own boss, so you could even end up running your own business. With the worldwide challenge to reduce carbon emissions, now is a particularly exciting time to start a career in construction. New processes are being introduced to ensure the industry becomes more sustainable, which means skills need to be adapted. 

We have roles in the following areas


  • Construction Maintenance Operations
  • Building Services
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Plumbing
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Electrical Installation


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