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Creative Advertising Courses

At School of Communication Arts we offer a 10 month portfolio course that can be done in-person from our Brixton studio in London, or via our distance learning option. 

More information about both our on-campus and distance learning options can be found on our website:

What qualification do I get at the end of the course?

We don't offer a qualification at the end of our course. Why? Because to be a top creative, you don't need a qualification. All you need is a top notch portfolio which is what the school will provide for you.

Over 80% of our students land their dream role upon course completion, in a career they want to be in. 

We will never ask for your qualifications upon application to the school because it doesn't matter to us. All we want to see is high levels of creative thinking and a passion to succeed in the booming creative industry. 

What job will it prepare me for? 

Most of our students leave as Copywriters and Art Directors to work in top creative agencies, but some have used the skills they learnt to setup their own successful businesses. 

We are heavy on strategy and planning on our course, therefore some of our students decide to become strategic planners after leaving School of Communication Arts.

Many students already know which pathway they want to go down before applying to the school, but some students change their mind and switch during the year, and some don’t have a fixed idea of which pathway is best for them. They just know that the school is right for them.

What skills do I need to be a Copywriter? 

It almost goes without saying that Copywriters must have an excellent grasp of the English language.  They need to be able to write across channels as diverse as video, radio, print, online – even Twitter. Advertising isn’t just about TV, radio and posters any more.  We create songs, video games, interactive experiences – anything that is likely to entertain and engage with audiences whilst promoting a sponsor’s message.

In each medium, the copywriter’s words and ideas are competing with world-class, paid-for content.  So our team of writing mentors share wisdom on storytelling techniques, rules for creating natural sounding dialogue, tips for using persuasive language, methods of ruthless editing and much, much more.

What skills do I need to be an Art Director?

We are not interested in half-decent, fairly-competent Art Directors. Our graduates need to have an incredible eye for detail, a passion for craft, and a joy for bringing things to life. They need to be able to make things look just right and completely original at the same time.

We have collected some of the most awarded and celebrated Art Directors of British advertising to mentor in our studio. Our students learn first-hand from Sir John Hegarty, Paul Brazier, Alexandra Taylor, Bruno Maag and dozens more superstars. Our network of mentors include stellar photographers, film-makers, illustrators and animators. We will teach you Adobe tricks that will blow your creative minds!

We celebrate the fact that our students’ art direction has made it to the D&AD Annual  (Student of the Year) and that our copy/art teams have won countless D&AD Pencils, Cannes Future Lions, BIMA Awards and so much more.

As the world's most awarded creative school, we'll get you to where you need to be, and with a portfolio that will demand you a position in your dream creative role. 

Creative Advertising Courses

United Kingdom
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Published on 17 Jan 2022

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