Cyber security apprentice (Leeds)

Apply From: 17th of February 2020
Application Deadline: 3rd of April 2020
Salary: £19000.00 per year
Start Date: 7th of September 2020

Location    Leeds
Salary    £19,000 
Hours    37 per week
Closing Date    03 April 2020 at Midnight

Start date: 7th September 2020
This apprenticeship lasts for 24 months
The assessment day for this role will take place on the 15th July

Reports to: Channel 4 Information Security Officer.

Channel 4 is a publically owned, privately funded UK broadcaster with a remit to produce innovative, alternative and culturally diverse television. Its bold approach means that it must have the ability to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of its intellectual property.

The Channel 4 Information Security team play a critical role in protecting the Channel from Cyber-attacks and educating the staff about the dangers of the online world.  The successful apprentice would gain insight into all areas of Cyber security in the broadcasting industry, from Commissioning to Legal, Press and publicity to technology.
During your time at Channel 4 you will be asked to, amongst other things;
•    Review regular threat intelligence instances to determine the level of risk to the company and advise accordingly
•    Present awareness seminars to staff about the perils and pitfalls of the online world
•    Review 3rd party companies and advise on whether they meet the high standards required to work with Channel 4
•    Represent Channel 4 externally in meetings, and at conferences
•    Use internal and external resources as sources of security related information and provide recommendations to the business
•    Assist in the writing and updating of key policies that will be adopted across the company.
•    Liaise with other broadcasters to ensure a consistency when applying information security across the industry
•    Run Penetration tests against systems to discover vulnerabilities.

Level 4 NVQ Cyber Security Technologist
As well as a great sense of humour, we think to be successful here you would need to;
•    Has a good understanding of what Cyber Security is and why it is important 
•    A good understanding of how Cyber Security contributes to the effective running of a business 
•    Be confident
•    Be pragmatic
•    Have an inquisitive nature
•    Have good communication skills
•    Be a Team Player
•    Enjoy contributing to projects with ideas and learn from the others

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