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Data Protection Business Apprentice with The Data Protection People

The Data Protection Apprentice will join our team of data protection consultants to help our customers understand and work within the UK’s data protection laws. You’ll be receiving in-bound support tickets, researching a solution to their question and providing practicable advice and guidance. You’ll also be doing a variety of tasks to help our consultants deliver specific pieces of work to their customers. Two days are rarely the same. We work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with a legal framework that is forever changing. People need help to understand how to apply the law - and that’s where we come in!

Key Functions:

  1. Handling support tickets
  2. Logging, support tickets raised through email, web forms and telephone;
  3. Reviewing support tickets as required and summarising the work required to complete support requests;
  4. Undertaking research and/or other tasks as required to assist in the investigation of support requests;
  5. Summarising research findings and applying them to support requests;
  6. Preparing responses to support requests as required;
  7. Reviewing, critically analysing and marking up/commenting on responses prepared by others.

Support desk admin

Assisting with the administration on the Support desk including for example:

  1. Generating usage reports,
  2. Setting up jobs,
  3. Updating job/task white boards;
  4. Reviewing resource library, managing content, producing templates when required
  5. Booking meetings, controlling diaries, taking messages etc.
  6. Maintenance of the support desk knowledge base and resources library

Supporting consultants

Supporting consultants with specific projects and tasks including for example:

  1. Checking and writing policies and procedures
  2. Reviewing subject access request information
  3. Checking contractual agreements
  4. Reviewing and writing privacy information
  5. Creating audit check lists and supporting compliance checking
  6. Preparing records of processing activities
  7. Writing reports
  8. Preparing training slides


Other duties

Any other reasonable duties required from time to time to assist in the development of the business and the support desk.

Continued professional development such as writing blogs and articles, and public speaking.

Qualifications Required:

No specific minimum is required but in an ideal world you'll have a minimum of 8 GCSEs including good grades in English and Maths. You may have A levels (A level Law or Business Studies would be useful) but you may have bailed out of A'levels preferring to enter the workplace.

Data Protection Business Apprentice with The Data Protection People

Leeds, UK
Full Time

Published on 3 Mar 2021

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