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We are no longer receiving applications for this opportunity, but there are plenty more open so please continue searching.

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Main duties

Social Media

  • Work closely with the Founding Partner to help design and implement a strong, simple social media strategy across all channels.
  • To help maximise Sidekicks’ exposure and position the brand as a truly unique voice within the London recruitment industry.
  • Advise the Founding Partner on key social strategy points such as tone of voice, visuals and content selection, to maximise Sidekicks’ appeal and resonance to our candidate target market.

Sidekicks brand

  • Digital presence: work with the Founding Partner to curate and overhaul our digital presence.
  • Talent Managers: work with the Sidekicks team to advise on individual professional brand presence on LinkedIn.
  • Website: provide feedback on the design of the new Sidekicks website.
  • Advise on the creation of a new suite of branded collateral templates using Canva.


  • Visual content: creating and editing photos and videos to provide content across our social media channels (eg: taking photos of the Sidekicks team during the day and creatively incorporating within social media posts).
  • Candidate emails: refreshing the MailChimp email template and sending regular communications, ensuring that candidate communication is consistently branded in terms of look/feel and tone, across social media and electronic communication.


  • Administrative support: working alongside the Operations Manager to provide day to day business and team administrative support for example phone answering, inbox management and document editing.
Sidekicks are a three year old central London based office support recruitment company, and they are a very happy team of eight people. They are looking for a talented person to help them create the ‘voice’ of Sidekicks across both social media, and the wider digital landscape.

Application closed

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