Flight Operations Assistant. Full apprenticeship and secure job after training!

Royal Air Force Air Operations

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The Role


As a Flight Operations Assistant, you will have the opportunities to co-ordinate the day to day operations of the Royal Air Force but also support Air Traffic Controlers in the Air Traffic Control environment. As one of the most varied roles within the RAF, being a FOA will allow yourself as an individual to experience many positions within Royal Air Force, making sure it completes it’s mission in the defence of the UK mainland and overseas interests.

This role allows you to develop your organisational and communication skills which are vital as your career progress within the Royal Air Force and for potential civilian employment.

The list of positions is as such:


  • Station Operations – Organising the day to day running an airfield and flying programme alongside an operations officer.
  • Flight Planning – Assisting aircrew safely plan their missions with state of the art computerised mapping tools.
  • Squadron Operations – Maintaining information systems critical to each aircraft platform but also helping plan missions and brief aircrew so they can safely complete their mission.
  • Air Traffic Control Assistant – Operating state of the art communications within the tower to control vehicles on the aerodrome and making sure Air Traffic Controllers have flight / weather information so safe control of aircraft can take place.
  • Tactical Air Traffic Control – A fantastic opportunity to help Air Traffic Controllers set up runways overseas and in the UK, deliver training to Army personnel in this role and maintain over £5 million worth of equipment


After completion of BRTC, you will complete the Flight Operations Assistant Course (FOAC) at the School of Air Operations Control (SAOC) at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire. This course is 12 weeks long and you will learn the fundamentals of being a FOA using simulators and theory assessments. This course delivers ‘OFSTED Outstanding’ training based on the students needs to allow you to develop into Air Operations Specialist’s to have an important credible output on your first tour in the UK.


First Job;

For your first tour you could find yourself working at one of the 26 aerodromes within the position of Station operations, Flight planning and Air Traffic Control assistant. You will receive on the job training during this tour to make sure your knowledge and skills are developed to take your career further. During this time you could be expected to deploy overseas on operations completing a similar role we have prepared you for.


Career Progression;

As an FOA you will have the same opportunities as your civilian counterparts, with the chance to work around the world and gain the unique experience the Royal Air Force offers. You could be in employed or take part in:

  • Asset Management.
  • Taking part in multi-national overseas and within the UK.
  • Training and Standards facilitation.
  • Instructor duties developing the next generation of FOA’s on the FOAC.
  • Embassy roles across the world.
  • Working on systems supporting the F-35 systems onboard the UK’s brand new aircraft carriers.
  • Middle to Senior level management implementating procedures and managing the junior level work force.

As well as role related tasks, you will also have the chance to develop yourself through associated duties and heavily subsidised adventurous training courses at training centres across the world.

Continuation of education is highly valued within the Royal Air Force and it will help you succeed through subsidised education and training courses so you can reach your full potential. This is anything from GCSE’s, degrees and vocational training.


Pay During Basic Training

£14,931 + Benefits

After Professional Training

£18,489 + Benefits



You need
GCSE at Grade C/4-5 in English Language
GCSE at Grade C/4-5 in Maths
SCE Standard Grades at Grade 2/Scottish National 5 in English
SCE Standard Grades at Grade 2/Scottish National 5 in Maths


  • 16-40 

RAF Requirements;

To join the RAF you will also need to meet fitness, health, nationality, residency which will be discussed at your local Armed Forces Careers Office after applying. 

For more information about the role and details of our application process, visit the RAF Recruitment website. To be directed straight to our site Click 'Apply Now'.

Application closed

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