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Four Week Filmmaking Course


  • Four-week full-time course (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm)
  • For students who are looking to build practical filmmaking skills and produce a short film in collaboration with other students in their class
  • Covers storytelling through film, interpreting a script, creating a storyboard, operating a camera, editing footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, managing a crew and directing actors
  • Suitable for complete beginners, no previous experience is required


Four-Week Filmmaking is a dynamic and immersive course which covers the core screen crafts such as camera operating, editing, directing, producing and screenwriting. The course culminates in the production of a short film that you’ll create in collaboration with your classmates.

  • Find out what it takes to create a film from beginning to end
  • Explore various screen roles, including director, screenwriting and camera operator, before deciding on the next steps in your studies or career
  • Work with professional actors to develop good understanding of the “director-actor” relationship and create an engaging  dramatic performance
  • Take part in a producing seminar to learn how to cast your project and approach agents and actors in auditions
  • Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and capture rushes using the right settings.


  • Filmmaking overview
  • Camera and sound
  • Postproduction with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Screenwriting 
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Directing actors
  • Producing
  • Shooting and editing a short film

Four Week Filmmaking Course

London, UK
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Published on 2 Jun 2020

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