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Get Your Story Straight Course (One Day)


Businesses today are taking ownership of their stories to engage both their customers and employees, and to give their company personality. But how can we expect our story to stand out in a world swamped with content?

In other words, what makes a good story great? This one-day course provides the chance to explore a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of core principles, classic techniques and innovative approaches to the business and art of story.

You can do this course both on-site at our campus, or off-site in your office, place of work or a location of your choice.


This course is ideal for curious, energetic business/company leaders seeking to understand the power of storytelling and harness this to create their own bespoke corporate narrative.

During the course you will learn where good stories come from, why and how they create a sense of belonging. You’ll gain an understanding of the role storytelling plays in how to communicate a company’s vision.

‘Get Your Story Straight’ has been designed by writer, director and producer, Justin Trefgarne, who brings over a decade’s experience of story-editing and writing award-winning feature films, commercials, video games and groundbreaking web series for digital platforms, including the world’s biggest broadcaster, YouTube.

On this day you will work in teams to discover:

  • The foundations of story
  • How to identify a company story’s narrative and emotional core
  • How to structure and adapt your unique story
  • How to brainstorm effectively and look for non-conventional solutions that will allow your story to break out and reach its intended audience.


  • Storytelling Foundations: you will learn where great storytelling comes from, gain a greater sense of how humans communicate their stories, and why a great story can survive through the ages.
  • Storytelling Techniques: you will look at how successful storytellers combine narrative and emotion to deliver memorable content. You will learn why both are essential for a deeper connection to the intended audience and how and why story structure is crucial to effective communication.
  • Brainstorming: you will explore how to brainstorm effectively, how to find an idea from a range of stimuli and how to filter those ideas into a story which has the power to communicate your unique corporate message and define your brand identity.
  • Audience: you will look at identifying and breaking down your core audience, how this affects your story and how effective targeting can be a powerful creative tool rather than a limitation.
  • Teamwork: in small groups, you will learn how to deconstruct and respond to a brief, how to look beyond the obvious and how to get your ideas across as a team while keeping the message personal.
  • Feedback: you will test your work in a lively review session, and learn how to harness peer responses and how to identify helpful feedback and strengthen your core message.

Get Your Story Straight Course (One Day)

London, UK
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Published on 31 May 2020