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Zimbabwe is a small landlocked country home to an abundance of spectacular wildlife and natural landforms making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure junkies alike. Home to the majestic African plains, Zimbabwe offers a sanctuary for the big five – African lions, African elephants, Cape buffalo, African leopards and black/white rhinoceros. In addition these stunning creatures, Zimbabwe boasts several world renowned landforms including the breath-taking Victoria Falls and Malindidzimu Hill (also known as the “World’s View) which provides epic 360 degree views of this beautiful and awe-inspiring country

What does the project do?

The project aims to help dedicated horsemen and women to develop their horsemanship skills as much as possible. For those who do not have much experience with horses and want to learn more, this is the perfect opportunity to begin to ride as the internship caters for all levels of riding. So even if you’ve never ridden before, the experienced trainers will give you all the tools you need to become a confident rider!

The project also endeavours to teach interns how to train their horses. More experienced riders might be able to work with young horses or those with underlying problems - or if there is a specific area you are particularly interested in the trainers will try to accommodate this.

What will I be doing?

Your days will be varied as you will work on a number of aspects that will contribute to your journey to horsemanship. You will undertake chores such as feeding, tack maintenance and grooming as well as training horses with rider issues, schooling young horses, fitness training horses and coaching riders who lack in confidence. 

Your days will be busy but worthwhile as you will see your confidence and skills grow rapidly and your hard work paying off as you develop a personal and intimate bond with each of the horses.  This will make the whole experience thoroughly rewarding! You will have the opportunity to work with a number of breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Arabs, Friesians and Warmbloods. 

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