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Hotel – Food and Beverage Service Placement

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Hotel – Food and Beverage Service Placement



The Fairlawns Hotel and Spa
Job Description

Job title: Hotel – Food and Beverage Service Placement

Place of work: The Fairlawns Hotel and Spa

Responsible to: Departmental and Duty Management dependent upon your role at any given time

Overall function: To train and work in various hotel departments while maintaining high personal
standards, supporting colleagues and management to achieve our Mission according
to our Values.

Main duties: 1. To act in accordance with all Company procedures with regard to Fire, Health and
Safety and Hygiene.

2. To promote the Company Mission and Values ensuring that they govern your
decision making at all times.

3. To work in various departments at the discretion of the H.R. an General Managers
assisting in the operation of those departments with the objective of ensuring that high
standards are achieved in terms of customer care while ensuring security and safety of
guests, colleagues and the property.

4. To set yourself and to achieve high personal standards and to play an active part in
maintaining a harmonious team spirit while promoting our Mission and adopting our

5. To observe cleaning schedules assisting Departmental Managers in maintaining
high standards of cleanliness, orderliness and good housekeeping at all times.

6. To ensure that any Maintenance or Health and Safety Issues are dealt with through
appropriate procedures before they have an adverse effect on safety, comfort or the
guest experience.

7. To adopt an active role around the premises ensuring that you maintain close
contact with customers, that you are looking and listening for opportunities to be of
service or to increase sales.

8. To ensure that you fully communicate with your managers and colleagues reporting
anything of significance to the Duty and Departmental Managers

9. To undertake any other duty which may reasonably be requested as the Company
continually strives to create greater customer satisfaction.

The responsibilities outlined in this Job Description are subject to change to reflect
changes in the requirements of our customers.


Hotel – Food and Beverage Service Placement

The Fairlawns Hotel and Spa
Walsall, UK

Published on 5 Aug 2021

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