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Interview 101 - Preparing For The Big Day


Interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking. But the more you do, the better you’ll get! It’s all about having the confidence to put your best foot forward and being prepared for whatever might come your way.

Whether you’ve got an interview coming up, or you’re just looking to build your confidence for the future, sign up today for an Interview 101 session, and practise in a safe environment.

An Interview 101 session is a 30min video call with an Apprentice Nation Mentor of your choice, who will help to boost your confidence and offer personal advice on how to present your best self. A member of the team at Apprentice Nation will be there too to help you on your way!

Interview 101 sessions are completely free.

Click Apply to easily book in today.

Interview 101 - Preparing For The Big Day

United Kingdom
Alternative Courses/Degrees, Work Experience/Interns

Published on 14 Apr 2021

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