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Intro to Screenwriting Course (Two Day Course)


  • Two-day weekend course (Saturday-Sunday, 10am-5pm)
  • For students who have an idea for a film but don’t know where to begin
  • Covers the fundamental principles of writing marketable and engaging content for screen
  • Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required


  • Explore different techniques to create original and engaging characters
  • Understand the three-act structure in screenwriting
  • Learn how to develop the right structural approach for your script
  • Discover classical and non-­classical narrative genres
  • Explore the principles of dramatic structure and the function of scenes, characters and action to further your narrative
  • Learn how to format synopses and treatments
  • Understand the role of screenwriters within the screen industry

Intro to Screenwriting Course (Two Day Course)

London, UK
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Published on 2 Jun 2020

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