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With its brutal history of apartheid and colonialism, there can be few better places than South Africa to get involved in campaigning for human rights and make a real impact on people’s lives.

Our Law & Human Rights placements in South Africa are based in the bustling city of Cape Town. Although voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town harbours a noticeable disparity between rich and poor. A huge indicator of this can be seen when flying into Cape Town International Airport and viewing the housing situation below.

Volunteering on the Law & Human Rights placement in South Africa will give you the opportunity to work on really worthwhile projects, alongside likeminded volunteers and passionate staff. Depending on your background, legal knowledge and level of interest in specific areas, you will gain first-hand experience of human rights law in practice, gain knowledge about the legal system as well as learn about community involvement. Volunteers are given the opportunity to get involved at grass roots level, raising awareness about human rights to a variety of people throughout the Western Cape.

We have welcomed many volunteers including undergraduates, graduates, those taking career breaks and pre-university students. The work is suitable to all who have at least a year of University and have a general interest in human rights and are willing to work hard and dedicate their time to improving the lives of others. Pre-university students will work in the social justice department.

In response to the huge need for human rights volunteers in South Africa, Projects Abroad funds our own Human Rights Office in Cape Town. Volunteers are based at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office, fondly known as PAHRO, which is located in the Wynberg area of Cape Town. Your precise role within the project will be determined by your background, legal knowledge and level of interest in specific areas.

The collective mission of the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office is to promote respect for human rights and human dignity by providing good quality, independent legal advice to the poor and vulnerable and also to participate in social justice. We cover a broad spectrum of topics within our office. 

Law & Human Rights volunteers should expect to work from 8.30am to 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday and then 8.30 to 1.00pm on Fridays. All volunteers need to show a good level of initiative; how much you get out of this experience is related to what you are prepared to put in. Volunteers who get involved, ask questions and make an impact on their supervisors will have a fantastic learning experience.


"I encourage those who are thinking about volunteering abroad to work with Projects Abroad. The programme is incredibly well administered from the very moment you sign up and throughout your stay in the host country. The Human Rights Office will expose you to people and events you will not experience anywhere else. Especially for people who are in law school or thinking about entering law, working at Projects Abroad Human Rights Office will be one of the most rewarding opportunities of your life!" - Janet McKnight


All volunteers need to be flexible, communicate well, and work hard as internships are demanding and must be taken seriously. You will be representing a professional organisation and you may sometimes have deadlines to meet.

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