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Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship Hospitality & Catering


This programme will provide you will the skills required to be successful in a variety of hospitality roles, such as in a bar, restaurant, café, conference centre, banqueting venue, hotel or caterers. 

Although hospitality team members tends to specialise in one area, roles can be very broad and you must be adaptable and ready to support your team during peak times. 

You will recognise customer needs and develop outstanding customer service skills. 


This programme aims to ensure you: 

  • Understand what hospitality means; the culture of the industry and why delivering a customer experience to meet and exceed customer’s expectations is so important to hospitality businesses.
  • Appreciate the importance of hospitality behaviours such as personal conduct, being adaptable, using initiative and communicating with a diverse range of people.
  • Know the range of businesses and establishments that make up the hospitality industry, their differences and similarities and the variety of job roles and progression opportunities that are available.


  • Food and beverage service - Know the range of food and beverage service styles and standards within different types of hospitality operations; the key features of menu items products and services, and basic food and beverage pairing in line with a menu.
  • Alcoholic beverage service - Know a variety of alcoholic beverages, their basic characteristics, information required for the customer, equipment required to store, prepare and serve them and storage conditions required for optimum quality. Plus specialist knowledge in either wine service, beer/cask ale or cocktails or mixology.
  • Barista - Know the main categories and types of hot and cold beverages in particular coffee, and the methods of preparing and serving them. Know how different ingredients should be stored, and the origins key ingredients. Identify specialist equipment, and know how to use it correctly and keep it clean and hygienic.
  • Food production - Know how to perform basic food processing tasks such as preparation, cooking and regeneration of food in line with business/brand specifications and identify how to follow kitchen procedures to maintain food safety and quality. Know how to maintain excellent standards of hygiene and how to use equipment correctly and store food safely.
  • Concierge and guest services - Know local and national information or where to access it and the variety of services available to customers. Know the process for procurement of additional products and services in order to meet customer needs and the business standards and procedures for room service and recognise the importance of following them.
  • House-keeping - Know how to clean and maintain a variety of areas and materials and understand the importance of responsibility using cleaning equipment, techniques, chemicals and agents, and ensuring that the appearance of rooms and external areas meet the business/brand standard.
  • Reception - Know business procedures for delivering reception operations.


You will work for a minimum of 30 hours per week, plus take part in training for approximately 1 day. The exact working and training hours will be dependent upon the needs of the employer.

Entry Criteria

Employers will set their own entry requirements to ensure the responsibilities of the role they are offering are fulfilled. 

You will need to demonstrate key hospitality skills, such as recognising customer needs, working as part of a team and delivering outstanding customer service.


Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship Hospitality & Catering

Durham, UK
Apprenticeships, Intermediate Apprenticeship

Published on 2 Jun 2020

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