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Level 4 Senior Apprenticeship Housing/Property Management


This apprenticeship programme will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a successful career within the housing industry. 

You will gain valuable experience working with an employer. 


This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career within the housing industry.


Level 4: 

  • Personal and Professional Development - develop reflective writing skills to evaluate your current housing practice, knowledge and skills; customer service, communication, supervisory skills and knowledge.
  • Work Related Learning (Housing Research) - develop housing related research and project management knowledge, techniques and skills; production of a research proposal.
  • Housing, Society and Policy - develop knowledge and understanding of historical and current context in which housing operates including social, demographic, market and policy changes.
  • Collaborative Working to Meet Diverse Need - the principles, relevant legislation and best practice of collaborative working including a number of scenarios for safeguarding.
  • Legal Framework for Housing - be introduced to the legal system and institutions and the formal and informal methods of dispute resolution; develop knowledge and understanding of liability and contract law.
  • Housing and Neighbourhood Services - develop knowledge and understanding of a range of housing management policies, practice and legal responsibilities for the generic housing management functions. There is a strong focus on social exclusion and ASB.

Level 5: 

  • Personal and Professional Development - build on the evaluation of your skills and knowledge from Level 4.
  • Work Related Learning - conduct research and complete your work related research project.
  • Economic and Regulatory Framework for Housing - the macro-economic framework as well as capital and revenue expenditure.
  • Managing Staff in Housing Organisations - the key principles of effective people management.
  • Housing Policy, Strategy and Business - discover the role of effective governance, business planning and performance; policy and strategy; social enterprise.
  • Planning and Developing Healthy and Sustainable Communities - planning and regeneration; sustainability; housing and health.



*Days and times of study are subject to change. Timetables are confirmed at the start of term.


Level 4 Senior Apprenticeship Housing/Property Management

Durham, UK
Apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeship

Published on 10 Jul 2020

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