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Helping to deliver a sustainable future

Your role will be to safely transport an increasingly valuable commodity – sewage and sludge. Whilst most of our region’s waste is cleaned and safely returned to the rivers, increasingly we’re finding innovative green uses for it in farming and energy generation – in fact we generate some of our own electricity from the sewage we process. Working regular, local routes, you’ll be responsible for safely collecting, and delivering sewage and sludge, transporting it in vacuum tankers between Severn Trent sites.  

What you'll be doing

As an apprentice you'll be learning all of the key skills requires to become a Severn Trent Tanker Driver as you train over 12 months to achieve your LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) driving licence at category C. 

The core skills you will develop through this apprenticeship are:

  • Safe, controlled and fuel efficient driving techniques relating to driving the LGV, considering fuel costs and other possible efficiencies, implications of differing vehicle configurations and associated safety issues, including safe access and egress from vehicles and trailers to include prevention of falling from height
  • Safe use of equipment and machinery eg manual handling equipment, vehicle and delivery systems, including where to find relevant instructions or guidance
  • Vehicle preparation, including vehicle safety checks/inspections, defect reporting, safety requirements, loading, securing and unloading processes, axel combinations
  • How to protect the vehicle and associated loads, including management of unlawful access to vehicle and loadsplanning and preparing processes (eg planning fastest/most efficientroute) including vehicle selection and contingency planning when circumstances change
  • Basic IT applications and other relevant technology and systems eg tachographs, adaptive braking,  hand held scanners, on board telematics etc and how these are reported by use of

As you move through Tanker Driver apprenticeship, your key skills and competencies will specifically include:

  • Ability to operate STW specification vacuum tankers and associated equipment.
  • Ability to safely access vehicle cabs, sites and offices using correct procedures (3 points of contact, etc)
  • Ability to manipulate (including loading & unloading to/from tanker pipestorage trays) flexible pipework (up to 5” diameter) in a safe manner utilising correct manual handling techniques.
  • Ability to work unsupervised one trained, in all weather conditions utilizing correct PPE, loneworker system, etc.
  • Ability to dynamically risk assess site access & working conditions depending on specific circumstances on arrival.

What we are looking for

Application requirements:

  • Apprentices must hold a valid UK driving licence (at least Cat B ie car licence) in order to access the apprenticeship
  • Must be 18 years old by the time they are ready to gain their provisional vocational licence.
  • Level 2 English and maths prior to taking the end point assessment.

Key Behaviours:

  • Consistently demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive; embodies the organisation’s values, demonstrates a belief in the services it offers and an interest in the industry
  • Individuals who take responsibility for their own safety and that of others at all times, particularly when driving
  • Ownership for own performance and training, and proactively keep up to date with industry developments; makes recommendations for improvement where relevant
  • Strive to achieve the best results in all they do; maintain a positive attitude and approach to their work even when priorities and working patterns change
  • Demonstrate a commitment to achieving all personal and organisational objectives eg completing work, timekeeping, personal appearance and dress code
  • Show a genuine interest in meeting the needs of others; use own initiative when needed to ensure that customer needs and expectations are met
  • Demonstrate pride in their own role through a consistently positive, professional approach with customers and members of wider team
  • Show willingness to accept changing priorities and adapts well to new work patterns and changing requirements, with a flexible  approach to their work

How we'll support you

Induction event

  A two-week induction designed to introduce you to our business, show you how we work and help you get the best.

An Apprentice buddy

  Someone to share your experiences with and support you in achieving your ambitions.

Regular performance reviews with your manager

  Bi-annual reviews to help you outline clearly-defined goals and measure how you’re developing against them.

National Qualifications

We’ll also help you to pursue nationally recognised qualifications, such as NVQs.

Training and Development

During your apprenticeship , you’ll combine on-the-job learning with formal, nationally recognised development training modules and have the opportunity to gain your Category C driving licence.

To help you drive and own your career progression, we’ll provide you with Personal Development Plan. This will be set and agreed with your line manager and reviewed regularly to inform your bi-annual performance reviews.  

Specialist Large Goods Vehicle Drivers are legally required to obtain their Category C licence during the apprenticeship in order to drive large goods vehicles.

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