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Our Live with the Mongolian Nomads project offers volunteers the unique opportunity to practice nomadic life, whilst experiencing the lifestyle of this ancient civilisation.

Forty percent of Mongolia’s population are still from Nomadic families and they live in a manner that has barely changed in the past thousand years.

Volunteers will live with their nomadic family in a large, round tent known as a Ger. Your daily life may include caring for livestock, riding horses, herding yaks and cattle, helping to produce dairy products and even teaching a little English to the children and host parents.

Your host family will welcome you into their way of life and in return, you may wish to teach them a few of the games, songs, sport types and arts of your home town.


Contact us to find out more about our Live with the Mongolian Nomads project.

You can call us on 01903 708300 or email us at We have a friendly team ready to answer your questions. You can also use the ‘sign up or login to apply’ button below to get in touch and we’ll email you with more details.


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