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Machinist - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship (Level 3)

The apprentice engineer will support the mechanical workshop and will learn all aspects of mechanical engineering.

You will be using lathes, mills, drilling equipment and equipment that is used for manufacture of precision components.

The apprentice will be involved in manufacturing products which are made from raw materials and you will be making these products from engineering drawings including 3D CAD and CNC.

  • Read and interpret relevant data and documentation used to produce machined components
  • Determine the most efficient and effective approach to machine the component using a range of tools, machining process and techniques select and set up the correct tooling and work holding devices
  • Set and adjust the machine operating parameters to produce the work pieces to the required specification. This will involve setting feeds and speeds for roughing and finishing operations.
  • You will be expected to be able set up, operate and adjust/edit equipment settings as applicable to the machine tool being used.
  • When using CNC equipment you will be expected to be able to produce, prove and/or edit programmes.
  • During and on completion of the machining operations you will be expected to measure and check the components being produced and make adjustments to the equipment/programme to ensure components meet the required specification.

This list is not exhaustive. 

Machinist - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship (Level 3)

Isleworth, UK

Published on 18 Jan 2021

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