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Make a Movie in a Day Course


Many of us have an inner Spielberg. We all love to watch a great story on big and small screens. ‘Make A Movie In A Day’ offers you the chance to do it for real. On this one-day course, you’ll devise, shoot and edit a film in a day.

You can do this course both on-site at our campus, or off-site in your office, place of work or a location of your choice.


This course is ideal for companies looking to build powerful teams around exciting and demanding creative challenges and communicate more directly and effectively with a target audience.

Ideal as a team-building activity, this is a course designed to give team leaders and their staff a chance to dip their toes into the world of professional filmmaking and work together to create their own fifteen-second film.

Under the guidance of an experienced industry professional, you’ll take part in an entire film production cycle. This will culminate with a screening of the finished films with your fellow participants, where you’ll get to review the lessons you’ve learned and bank the wisdom you’ve gained for the next time you pick up a camera.

On this day you will work in teams to discover:

  • Where good stories come from
  • How to structure a great story
  • Brainstorming to a brief
  • Filmmaking 101, including;
    • Where to put the camera
    • What to say to the actors
    • How to tie it all together in the edit


Everyone’s broadcasting their stories on the vast array of platforms out there. But how many of them are really landing in this crowded landscape of endless video? And how do you compress a strong idea into a fifteen-second film? ‘Make A Movie in A Day’ will help you answer these questions with practical, hands-on experience. And you’ll learn the biggest industry secret of all: filmmaking is fun.

You will develop the following skills:

  • Where good stories come from: you will dig deeper to understand were great storytelling comes from. By focusing on the twin areas of narrative and emotion you will learn why both are essential for a deeper connection to the intended audience, and how good structure is crucial to effective communication
  • Brainstorming in teams: you will explore how to brainstorm effectively in teams from a brief and how to filter ideas into a story which has the power to communicate your message
  • Audience: you will look at identifying and breaking down your audience, how this affects your story and how effective targeting can be a powerful creative tool
  • Visual storytelling: you will learn the foundations of telling a story with a camera; from shot-design to short-listing and basic camera movement 
  • Directing actors: you will learn the techniques of working with actors, how to collaborate on performance and how to capture this on screen.
  • Creative editing: you will learn how to transform your raw footage into a coherent story using cutting-edge editing tools and techniques
  • Feedback: you will both give and receive constructive feedback on your stories with a screening and review session

Make a Movie in a Day Course

London, UK
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Published on 31 May 2020