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Medical Cadetship

If you are currently studying at a UK medical school and paying UK student fees, the Royal Air Force could sponsor your ongoing Medical training in the form of a Medical Cadetship. Ultimately leading to a career as a Royal Air Force Medical Officer. The Medical Cadetship is available for year 4 & 5 of Medical School.  If you are Post-Graduate Entry studying a 4 year programme, you would be eligible for Cadetship for years 3 & 4. You would need to apply no later than the 31st Oct of the previous academic year for consideration.

The Royal Air Force spans the world.  We support troops on the front line, fly in humanitarian aid for the sick and starving, police the skies and defend the UK airspace.  Medical Officers play a vital part in keeping personnel fit for role in the UK and on deployed Operations overseas.  We are seeking to recruit Medical Students who are looking for new challenges. Your role is pivotal in maintaining the effectiveness of the RAF in delivering Air Power by maximising the fitness of personnel for their tasks in an Air environment.

On top of a competitive salary, consistent support and exceptional training, we offer a structured and progressive career path designed to encourage and reward excellence. The RAF is a strong advocate of continuous professional development.

Commitment: The Cadet will as part of the process join the University Air Squadron affiliated to their university and subsequently enter the Royal Air Force on an Initial Commission to commence from day one of the Specialist Officer Initial Training Course with a minimum Return of Service of 6 years from full registration with the General Medical Council.

Postings and Career: All postings are coordinated by the Royal Air Force with input by the Cadet.  Cadets will undertake their Foundation Years (FY) training through the Defence Foundation Programme.  Following FY and Officer training, General Duties Medical Officers (GDMOs) are posted to a RAF station GP Training Practice until their professional training begins.  During this time, GDMOs will experience life on a working RAF station at first hand. 

Pay: In addition to payment of Tuition Fees and Registration Fees, the indicative Cadetship pay (based on the April 2020 pay review) rates are as follows:

On Appointment - Penultimate year at medical school


After 1 Year in Rank - Final year at medical school


Your salary will continue to rise in increments with the typical starting salary on completion of specialist training being:

Accredited GP £108,787

Accredited first year consultant £97,163

    How to Apply: Applications must be submitted to an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) or online by 31 October prior to the academic year in which you hope to be sponsored.  Successful applicants will be awarded sponsorship from the start of the following September term. 


    Age  21 - 43 (Candidates must commence SOITC prior to their 43rd birthday).

    Qualifications:  Sponsorship is available for the final three years of study in a UK Based Medical School.

    Residency: You must have resided in the UK for the 3 years immediately preceding your application.  In certain circumstances, if your period of residency has been broken, we may still be able to consider your application.

    Nationality: You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, holder of dual UK/other nationality or have been a Commonwealth citizen since birth.

    A Modern Force:  The RAF recognises the value of a person’s ability no matter their ethnicity, social background, religion or belief, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status/civil partnership.

    Important Considerations: Sponsorship may be terminated at the discretion of the Ministry of Defence if it becomes evident that the scholar is failing to make satisfactory progress at university. The availability and number of specialist training places will be subject to the needs of the Service, resulting in some individuals not being able to pursue their primary choice of medical career; Paediatric, Geriatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology are permanently excluded.

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    Medical Cadetship

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    Published on 3 Aug 2022

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